Final Fantasy 3 Online Role Playing Game Outdated Home Page

(a.k.a. the FF3RPG)

Last update: 18 July 1997
(minor corrections: 27 September 2005)

Notice: This page is now officially out of date. The story sequence available here as well as all the chapters in the RPG will continue to be available, but for more up-to-date information (and possibly HTMLized versions of the chapters), please visit (now defunct).

The Final Fantasy 3 Online Role Playing Game is based on Squaresoft's Super Nintendo RPG Final Fantasy 3. The FF3RPG was originally conducted through the Usenet newsgroup, but now takes place through E-mail lists. If you want to read new chapters as they are written, send mail to (now defunct) with a subject of "subscribe" and the following body text:
subscribe your-address
where your-address is the E-mail address at which you want to receive mail from the list. Note that the list is read-only -- that is, you will not be able to post from it; comments on chapters should be sent directly to the authors. To remove yourself from the list, send a message to the above address containing:
unsubscribe your-address
or send E-mail to me directly if you have problems.

If you haven't played Final Fantasy 3 before, you might want to read an introduction to the game itself so you have some background for the story.

The FF3RPG is set after the end of FF3 itself; here's a summary of the FF3 storyline if you don't know it and want to. (It's not really necessary, and can spoil a few of the surprises if you decide to play the game itself.)

Click here to get to the FF3RPG story. The story can also be accessed via anonymous FTP(now defunct).

If you like this kind of writing, you might want to also look at the NuRPG home page (now defunct). Note that the NuRPG is accepting new characters currently.

Andrew Church (, (semi-) FF3RPG Archivist