Gentoo Linux resources

Gentoo Linux on the ASUS TF700
Information about installing Gentoo Linux on the ASUS TF700 Android tablet. Not for the faint of heart!
HOWTO convert a 32-bit x86 Gentoo Linux installation to 64-bit
A short document describing my experience converting a 32-bit x86 installation of Gentoo Linux to the 64-bit (x86-64) ABI without reinstalling from scratch.
HOWTO convert a generic Linux system to Gentoo Linux
A short document describing my experience converting an installed Linux system to Gentoo Linux without reinstalling from scratch.
noglvnd Portage overlay
An overlay repository for Portage providing support for using OpenGL without the libglvnd middleware layer.
Portage bashrc fragment for user patching of arbitrary packages
A script which can be used as or incorporated into /etc/portage/bashrc to allow the use of custom patches with any package, even if the package's ebuild does not call the epatch_user function. Supersedes autopatch.diff from the Patch Pile.
Portage overlay for the PlayStation Portable unofficial SDK
A Portage overlay for Gentoo Linux users allowing the unofficial SDK for PSP development to be installed with "emerge pspsdk". Includes the dev-games/psp-binutils, dev-games/psp-gcc, dev-games/psp-gdb, dev-games/psplink, dev-games/pspsdk, and dev-games/pspgl packages, along with a number of packages for builds of external libraries such as zlib. The psplink, pspsdk, and pspgl packages normally download their sources from the Subversion server, but can instead be installed from local tarballs copied into /usr/portage/distfiles (psplink-2460.tar.bz2, pspsdk-2494.tar.bz2, pspgl-2264.tar.bz2) with USE=localsource. There is also an overlay list file at for use with the layman tool.

Andrew Church
Last modified: 2014/10/4