IRC Services Manual

Appendix A. List of all configuration directives

A-1. Core configuration directives (ircservices.conf)
A-2. Module configuration directives (modules.conf)

Table of Contents

Core configuration directives (ircservices.conf)

Configuration file control

Remote server configuration

Services identification

Unix group and umask to use

Services data filenames

NOTE: All filenames are relative to the Services data directory.

Basic functionality

Miscellaneous settings

These are settings which don't belong anywhere else, or which would be module settings but apply to multiple modules.

Modules to load

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Module configuration directives (modules.conf)

Protocol module settings

Enter the protocol name here, then uncomment the appropriate directives.

protocol/(insert protocol name here)

Database module configuration


This module has no configurable settings.


Encryption module configuration

No encryption modules have any configurable settings.

Encryption module configuration


Mail module configuration


mail/sendmail (Sendmail-based low-level module)

mail/smtp (SMTP-based low-level module)

OperServ configuration


operserv/akill (Autokill module settings)

operserv/news (News module settings)

This module has no configurable settings.

operserv/sessions (Sessions module settings)

operserv/sline (S-line module settings)

NickServ configuration


nickserv/access (Access list module)

nickserv/autojoin (Autojoin module)

nickserv/link (Link module)

nickserv/mail-auth (Authentication module)

ChanServ configuration


MemoServ configuration


memoserv/forward (FORWARD module)

memoserv/ignore (IGNORE module)

StatServ configuration


HTTP server modules


httpd/auth-ip (IP address authorization module)

httpd/auth-password (Password authorization module)

httpd/dbaccess (Database access module)

NOTICE: This module allows complete access to all Services data; be certain to protect it from unauthorized access using authorization modules or other means.

httpd/debug (Debug page module)

httpd/redirect (Nick/channel redirect module)

httpd/top-page (Top page module)

Miscellaneous modules

misc/devnull (DevNull settings)

misc/helpserv (HelpServ settings)

misc/xml-export (XML export settings)

This module has no configurable settings.

misc/xml-import (XML import settings)

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