[IRCServices Coding] Feature Request (AUTOVHOST)

Shaun Guth l8nite at l8nite.net
Sat Jul 20 07:18:17 PDT 2002

On Sat, 2002-07-20 at 06:53, Colin Thorpe(SCF) wrote:
> this (in a way) Already exists - Unreal 3.2 - Has an auto v-host that can be
> set on oper -and it also supports set host - which you can put in your mirc

/sethost is limited to ircops

The oper auto-vhost thing is just for ircops..

You are right about the V:line... which require a user to type something
	/vhost <user> <pass>

In order to use it... I was getting away from the a) cumbersome task of
adding new V:lines and then rehashing, b) teaching users how to use
their vhost... And I wanted to be able to set it up for any registered
user... not just ircops.

Oh well, guess I'll go back to my hacked epona since all my users are
yelling about their vhosts being missing already... :p

Shaun Guth