[IRCServices Coding] globla message

Ganja51 Ganja51 at lcirc.net
Thu Jan 23 16:58:33 PST 2003

it wasn't reproduced on my network either.

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Subject: Re: [IRCServices Coding] globla message

> >When sending a global notice, such as the following, if its to
> >long a : gets inserted into it, you can see it got inserted
> >right before @find.
> >
> >"We would like to remind everyone if you ever have trouble
> >connecting you should contact an oper. You should never have
> >trouble 
> >connecting while using irc.linkirc.net to connect. In addition an
> >anti lamer device has been added to #linkirc. Anyone who comes 
> >in to #linkirc and types !list or :@find gets a complimentary
> >kill."
>      I can't reproduce this.  Are you sure this isn't an ircd or script
> issue?
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