[IRCServices Coding] Hybrid support

Andrew Kempe andrewk at isdial.net
Thu May 1 01:18:54 PDT 2003

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Subject: [IRCServices Coding] Hybrid support

> Here's a protocol/hybrid.c that can be used for hyb7. Issues include:
> 1) Keeptopic doesn't work right unless m_topic and do_topic are modified
directly :/ Hybrid propogates user topics in the same way it recieves them
(:user TOPIC channel :topic). Probably just needs some av=2 checking.
> 2) Services aliases(/cs and friends) are hard to come by o.- However, I do
have an m_services.c that can be loaded into Hybrid if anyone wants to take
a look.
> 3) In modules.conf, aside from NetworkDomain, disable pretty much
everything non-essential under protocol/hybrid. CSSetChannelTime works but
makes Hybrid complain like an old grandma on steroids. :/
> Aside from those, the file works pretty well :) I'm currently running
Hybrid 7.0rc9 and IRCServices 5.0.16 and I've tested every command to make
sure they work. I'm not sure about tricky little stuff, so if someone wants
to give this file some strenuous testing, be my guest.


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