[IRCServices Coding] Hybrid support - Hopefully final :)

Slowking50 at aol.com Slowking50 at aol.com
Fri May 2 08:29:53 PDT 2003

Okay, I now have this patch running on a 1500-user Hyb7 net and it appears to be stable :) Final corrections and notes -

1) In do_send_akill I had s_OperServ instead of who. Don't ask what I was smoking. >.>

2) Services need a reference in the shared {} block of all ircd.conf files in order to set akills. Services will still work without this, but they won't be able to stop banned users; they'll just keep doing repeated kills.

3) Makefile modifications are as follows:

MODULES = bahamut.so dalnet.so dreamforge.so monkey.so ptlink.so \
      rfc1459.so trircd.so ts8.so undernet-p9.so unreal.so hybrid.so
OBJECTS-dreamforge.so = svsnick.o
OBJECTS-hybrid.so = banexcept.o halfop.o sjoin.o
OBJECTS-monkey.so = halfop.o sjoin.o
INCLUDES-hybrid.o = banexcept.h sjoin.h halfop.h \
    $(TOPDIR)/messages.h $(TOPDIR)/language.h \
    $(TOPDIR)/modules/operserv/operserv.h \
INCLUDES-monkey.o = halfop.h sjoin.h \

Anyone want to make a decent Makefile patch? :)