[IRCServices Coding] Mass memos

Trevor Talbot quension at mac.com
Wed Aug 13 15:30:41 PDT 2003

On Wednesday, Aug 13, 2003, at 15:10 US/Pacific, M wrote:

> Saturn wrote:
>> This is not spam, and should probably be only accessible by either 
>> Services Admins or Services OPs.  The intention is to announce 
>> outages, important events, etc
> /os global <message>

That doesn't cover people who aren't online at the time.

>> I did come across that after sending the email to the group.  Sadly, 
>> it provides no help whatsoever to the memo question.. but it did shed 
>> light on the question i asked.....
> You did not ask a memo question that has an answer, you made a feature 
> request. The nick prefix has nothing to do with memos.

He described a visibility problem as a reason for the feature request.  
He also described a nick linking issue while attempting to handle a 
"mass memo" feature on his own.  While technically not questions, I 
would think it was obvious that responses were desired in those 

>> Frankly, logonnews is useless, and most of my users and opers agree.  
>> It scrolls off too fast.  Ideally, it shoudl have a delay to prevent 
>> it being lost in the system notices on connection.  Maybe a 10 second 
>> delay beforee it flashes by, to give the user time to connect, etc, 
>> and then they might actually SEE it.
> That is hardly a services issue. The IRCd would be the place to add 
> false delays into the login process.

Logonnews is not part of the ircd's login process.

>> Most users I know don't tend to make a habit of readin gth ebacklog 
>> in their status windows when they connect to the network......
> Many users do not check memos on a regular basis either so spamming 
> via memoserv would just fill their memo box and they are still are not 
> guaranteed to be read. They could also add you to their ignore list so 
> your message would not get through in any case.

Memos generally have a much higher visibility than logonnews.  You're 
welcome to provide very thorough examples to the contrary, but you'll 
be working against the tide of experience from a lot of people on a lot 
of different networks, apparently including Saturn.

-- Quension