[IRCServices Coding] AKill suggestion

Craig McLure Craig at chatspike.net
Fri Aug 29 13:43:24 PDT 2003

its a stupid idea!!! :p

j/k.. I think its a great idea.. i'd rather have services telling users when their akills expire, than them spamming my mailbox with 'when does my akill expire?' every 20mins :p

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>Would it be possible to have it announce to the user when they are akilled,
>either the expiry date and time, or "Expires in 3days, 4hours, 6minutes" or
>something similar.  I find that usually we just have to do 24hour bans, but
>the user has no way to know when the ban was set, and when it expires...
>Just an idea... I now await the half dozen people who will proceed to tell
>me how stupid my idea is....
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