[IRCServices Coding] InspIRCd has reached Beta!

Craig McLure Craig at frostycoolslug.com
Mon Apr 11 08:19:50 PDT 2005

Please Note. This e-mail has been approved by Andy.

After two years of work, code built from scratch, we are pleased to 
announce the release of InspIRCd-1.0 Beta1 and Beta2 for download.

Beta2 addresses some issues found in ./configure and some fixes based on 
the initial feedback of Beta1.

I'll be honest, two years ago, i thought this project would never really 
get off the ground, let alone hit a beta release.. Thanks to the 
dedication and hard work of everyone involved, this new milestone in 
InspIRCd history has been reached.

The module API has grown in power over the years (Some people call it 
too powerful.. power is good though.. mwahaha). You can make modules to 
do pretty much anything, and if there's something you CAN'T do, find the 
requests forum, and request an addition. This allows you to make 
InspIRCd YOUR IRCd, with the features, commands, and functionality you 
want it to have.
Check the wiki for a list of currently avaliable modules.

Although we like to think of Beta1 as stable, please remember, this is 
NOT an UnrealIRCd style beta, there are still bound to be bugs (Along 
with the possibility of a crash bug here or there), the wiki contains 
full documentation on how to go about reporting these properly. To get a 
bugtracker account, please register on the forums, then use your login 
details from here.

For more details, download links, documentation etc. Please visit 


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