[IRCServices Coding] module programming questions

Toxyc toxyc at ircpage.com
Sun Jul 3 07:47:10 PDT 2005

hi all

I have started module programming for about a week ago, although i have
been using ircservices for years. I have already read the manual, but i
can't find some answers in it.
My questions are:

1. I saw in the memoserv module an array (static Command cmds[]), which
(i think) used to declare the commands, which  users can use on irc. I
searched for the definition of Command structure, and found it in
commands.h but can't understand what the variables does. Can anybody
explain me what (*has_priv)(User *u), helpmsg_all, etc does to the
module? Or can i write a fully functional modul without using functions
and structures in command.c or .h?

2. When I compile a module, which provides a new pseudoclient, will it
be available after rehashing, or i need to restart services?

3. Is there any list with some description about available functions
like get_user, is_oper, send_cmd, etc etc... I know the definitions are
in extern.h and i can find the functions in the .c files, but there
aren't and description what the functions actually does. If there aren't
any documentation i will try to find it out from the source, i know,
it's an alternative, but it would be better to have docs :)

thanks in advance