[IRCServices Coding] Possible new callback on AUTH

Robin Burchell surreal.w00t at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 21:36:24 PDT 2005

Andrew Church wrote:
>>>I'm working on a bit of a module to orient new users, but (with spambots 
>>>and stuff) it's a little inconvenient to do this with the register callback.
>>>Not wanting to fork the codebase, would it be at all possible to get a 
>>>new callback on NS AUTH?
>>    Ordinarily I'd want to wait for 5.1, but seeing as the 5.1 alpha is
>>already several lifetimes later than I'd hoped, why not? (:  I'll add it
>>for the next 5.0 release.
>      Actually I guess I should ask: where do you need the callback?  Is it
> sufficient to have it called after all normal processing, or do you want to
> replace part of the normal AUTH processing?
>   --Andrew Church
>     achurch at achurch.org
>     http://achurch.org/

(Not sure if this sent the first time, let's try again..)

After is what I'm needing-

What I'm doing is making sure a normal user passes all checks, and if
so, sending them information - doing this on register isn't a good idea,
because of the growing number of spambots that can simply register,
putting extra load on Services.