[IRCServices Coding] ServBot Replies

Randall J. Berry lrxlinux at verizon.net
Sat Aug 27 08:11:24 PDT 2005

    Hi All,
First.. Yes I've read the FA*Q

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C.7. How can I make Services send replies using PRIVMSG (/msg) instead 
You can't. RFC 1459 (the IRC protocol definition) requires that all 
automated clients send all replies using NOTICE rather than PRIVMSG, and 
Services follows that requirement. If you want to change how Services 
replies appear in your IRC client, change your client's settings.
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I'd like to know how I can change the code to make ***Serv to reply in 
PRIVMSG/NOTICE as per user request. I understand the reason for making 
the default per RFC standard but I've seen some services that still use 
MSG and some that allow the user to choose how they want the bot to 
reply. Beyond IRC services is one of those networks that comes to mind. 
Unfortunately their source is not available. They allow you to use a SET 
RESPONSE MSG/NOTICE Granted, the aliasing '/***Serv somecommand' instead 
of having to use the old '/msg ***Serv somecomand' does make it easier 
but it's still nice to have a choice. There are a few other nice 
features with their services as well. Some that I do not see on any 
other service.

Is this possible?