[IRCServices Coding] RatBox support

ИвоВачков unibg at unilans.net
Thu Sep 22 17:45:35 PDT 2005

Hello, all,

I'm trying to create a protocol module for RatBox compatibility. I took
hybrid code and modified to support RatBox. So far, so good :) The souce
code I attach, generally WORKS. It connects to RatBox IRCD 2.0.11, you
can use the services. However I have some problems. 

I can't change topics with ChanServ when TOPICLOCK is set on a channel.
I read the RatBox Services code and found that "TB" is the right
command. However, when I use it I don't see anything in the log files
(services and ircd) and still nothing changes, topic is the same.

Can you point me out (probably obvious) my faults/mistakes ?

Thank you in advance.

    Ivo Vachkov
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