[IRCServices] Re: Keeptopic and Topiclock

Carlos Mendes Martini martini at intergate.com.br
Fri Mar 24 19:12:55 PST 2000

Benjamin S. Goldstein wrote:

> It would be nice to know what ircd you are using.
> Thats odd that ChanServ can set modes but not use /TOPIC..
> I'd make sure your ULines are correct:
> U:server.servername.net:*:*
> and kill the ircd and restart it. I've had problems with
> /rehash not reading ULines correctly until restarted.

	I'll repeat: there are NO errors in my U:lines. It's not a new network,
and the problem had started few months ago.

	Anybody knows what's happening? :/

	Best regards

    Carlos Mendes MARTINI
    martini at brasirc.net


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