[IRCServices] IRCServices on two or more servers

Agi Subagio agi at rileks.co.id
Fri Nov 17 21:08:36 PST 2000

I have compiled and installed bahamut-1.2.2 on two servers (Hub feature was 
active). I have connected those servers. All users from Server A and B was 
join succesfully in a channel (#test).
But I want to add IRCServices-4.4.8 to control nickserv and chanserv in 
that channel.
After I installed and try some configurations, IRCServices blocked all 
connection attempt from each server. All users from Server A was kick and 
rejoin again to that channel, and the users from Server B feel the same 
Can I run IRCServices to control two or more connected servers?
If not, how to create an IRC Networks (two or more servers connected) with 
IRCServices running?




Agi Subagio
Network Engineer
PT. Rileks Indonesia
Jakarta - Indonesia
Email : agi at rileks.co.id, agismaniax at yahoo.com
Website : www.rileks.com

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