[IRCServices] /notice??

ViPeR viper at wcalliance.com
Wed May 9 03:27:02 PDT 2001

What you are talking about is more like a login system with 'email' aka
memos, that also happens to save a nickname for you.  This idea sounds
pretty cool, as it could handle a person using their privileges under any
nick, allowing you to use any extension like [zzz] or [away] [afk] etc etc
and still be able to access your functions, all this without the hassle of
registering all the nicks and linking them to your primary nick.  The idea
could work, but its a long way from the current IRCServices setup, and would
go more toward the idea of no access list for nicks, and nicks would become
more like logins. (ie the stuff Andrew discussed about version 5)

viper at wcalliance dot com
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> I think that what Adam was referring to is something similar to how you
> link nicknames together so that you can attain the privileges that have
> attached to any of them through any in the linkage set.  However this
> be different in that it would be limited to that session instead of a
> permanent linkage.  Or more simply put, identify to nickserv as being a
> without actually holding that nickname.  In fact the second description is
> better because it doesn't necessarily mean that the nickname your using
> needs to be registered or otherwise documented anywhere else within
> services.  Quite a handy method for escaping private message floods or
> anyone who wants to talk with you.
> Though there would then be issues with memoserv.  Perhaps modifying the
> memoserv format (or allowing only one of two formats) to be used which
> include a 'from' token as well as a to token.  The memoserv feature alone
> would be a good idea as it could be VERY useful to send messages from a
> nickname without necessarily being that nickname, only linked to it.
> (For example if a user has a robot programmed to do something and they
> it; the bot could be linked to their nickname and send messages through
> nickname.  Or another example which would be more common; the user has
> nicknames and is using one in one channel when they receive a memo.
> having to change their name to respond they could use the more familiar
> nickname to send a reply back.)
> A second thought occurs though that services may only keep track of
> registered names and otherwise operate in a way that would hinder the
> idea.  I don't know enough C/C++ to even think of reading the source to
> for sure, but just the concept design seems like this might be difficult
> pull off.
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> From: "Strider" <strider at chatcircuit.com>
> Sent: Tuesday, May 08, 2001 23:27
> > This is something that has to be scripted into your client or programmed
> > into the ircd. This has nothing to do with services. UnrealIRCd comes
> > this features, and my irc script, well the one i use to use also had a
> > feature that redirected /nickserv to /msg nickserv. These 2 methods are
> very
> > different however.
> >
> > Beau (Strider) Steward
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> > From: "Adam" <korn_fan at dingoblue.net.au>
> > Sent: Tuesday, May 08, 2001 6:09 PM
> > > Hey, i know its slightly off topic.. but why cant i use /nickserv
> identify
> > > <nick> <password>
> > >
> > > i think this is a very usefull feature and should be included. :-)
> > >
> > > Adam
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