[IRCServices] Wrong number of users

Georges Berscheid Georges at Berscheid.lu
Fri Nov 30 12:13:01 PST 2001


problem is the following: *finduser() returns a pointer to a User struct
that is not online anymore in some cases. And it seems this only happens
when the user quit with Ping Timeout (as /ns info <nick> reports). So
services know that the user quit, but they don't free the structure.

Also /lusers shows something different than /os stats:
--- Current Local Users: 51  Max: 463
--- Current Global Users: 61  Max: 472

/os stats:
-OperServ- Current users: 66 (2 ops)
-OperServ- Maximum users: 470 (Nov 25 20:50:36 2001 CET)

I already had that kind of problem when users were killed because of
Session limit exceeded, but they only had one Connection from their
Is there any good way to debug this ?


P.S. I'm using Unreal3.1.1