[IRCServices] Chanserv/nickserv - LIST

matt at snip.net matt at snip.net
Sun Dec 2 02:15:00 PST 2001

there's a setting somewhere in the config that lets you set it so only 
opers/admins can use those commands.. also, you can set it so email 
addresses are *hidden* by default when new nicks are registered so people 
can't spam them or whatever.

At 12:53 AM 12/2/01 +0100, you wrote:
>I think its not a good idea when everyone can use the nickserv or
>chanserv list-Command
>Because people use this Service to get the emailaddress  user oder
>Channelfounder to do advertise for example
>/msg nickserv list *  oder /msg chanserv list *  should be used by
>IRCOPS or Admins.
>Okay I can disable it , but I want to see the result, too.
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