[IRCServices] Daylight IRC Services

Carsten V. Munk stskeeps at tspre.org
Fri Dec 14 19:17:00 PST 2001

There's a reason all links are broken, as they have been asked to be taken down
as per my request, due to it being an old port of ircservices. No more ports
exist, and please don't ask for support for them here, as it is not for that

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Subject: [IRCServices] Daylight IRC Services

Hello i`m searching for the program Daylight IRC Services win32, do you now
where i can find it on the web, all the links i found to it are broken, and i
need it for my server irc.amcar.d2g.com if you can help me i will be very
grateful , and visit me on my server and channel #opers irc.amcar.d2g.com