[IRCServices] SJOIN bug

Jon Christopherson jon at jons.org
Sun Mar 14 19:48:39 PST 2004


	It doesn't appear as though ircservices parses the channel mode
portion of a SJOIN message. This causes services set redundant modes as can
be seen below:

[Mar 15 03:38:37.763086 2004] debug: Received: :irc.west.vile.com SJOIN
1079321917 #help +nt :@ThaPrince
[Mar 15 03:38:37.763203 2004] protocol/hybrid: debug: ThaPrince SJOINs #help
[Mar 15 03:38:37.763259 2004] debug: Creating channel #help
[Mar 15 03:38:37.763424 2004] debug: Sent: :ChanServ TBURST 1079321917 #help
1079318625 ThaPrince :moo
[Mar 15 03:38:37.763575 2004] debug: Sent: :ChanServ MODE #help +nt

	I know that the hybrid protocol isn't supported, but the SJOIN
messages it sends are the same as other IRCD's such as bahamut, and affects
those as well.

	This causes services to resend modes that are already set on a
channel, quite a few when it links to a large network with a lot of

	I will try and get a patch made for it, unless someone already knows
how to correct, or has already made a patch to fix this issue.


	Jon Christopherson