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Dionisios K. toxic at freemail.gr
Sun May 6 15:03:55 PDT 2007

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Lets say i have a vhost or i'm an ircop..
I want to first activate my host and oper-up to get operhost after
identify my nickname and after this nickserv can ajoin me to the
channels so my vhost will be shown and not my real hostname.
I talking about 1-2 seconds delay not 10 or more seconds.
Thats why i'm asking for this.

Andrew Church wrote:
>> Is possible to add an option on the config file for a delay (optional)
>> before nickserv autojoin after identify?
> I'd rather not, since it could confuse users when they're suddenly joined
> to a channel without having done anything immediately prior. (Even a
> 10-second delay, for example, can be disorienting if the user's mind has
> gone onto other things.) Why would you want such an option?
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