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Dionisios K. toxic at freemail.gr
Sun May 6 15:17:04 PDT 2007

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Lets say i'm a founder on a channel..
I dont want channel ops to give op status but i want some times (lets
say when all ops are inactive) to give +h to some people.
Halfops can not do much damage to the channel so ops (and i) dont have
to trust them 100%.
I think it will be useful for many users (founders) out there..

Andrew Church wrote:
>> I want to suggest a feature for 5.1 Something for ircds with +h
>> (halfops).
>> To modify the secureops command so it may allow halfops but not ops OR
>> dont allow anyone.
>> Something like:
>> /cs set #channel secureops ops / all / off
>> If "ops" option is enabled chanserv will allow halfops.
> I don't really see the utility of this, but if there's enough interest in
> it I'll consider it.
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