Re: [IRCServices] problem importing databases

chiappa at chiappa at
Mon Nov 12 08:11:14 PST 2007

>>when i run the command:
>>./ircservices -import=database.xml
>>it says:
>>[Nov 11 18:10:39 2007] IRC Services 5.1.6 starting up
>>[Nov 11 18:10:39 2007] (database/standard) Can't open oper.sdb for
>>reading: No such file or directory
>These occur normally the first time you start Services after changing
>the database type, and can be ignored.

Ok, but if I try to run ircservices it says the same & wont start. Btw
the output I get in the console when I am importing or just running

"Initialization failed, exiting."

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