[IRCServices] Testing

Ian R. Justman ianj at ian-justman.com
Thu May 7 01:32:04 PDT 2009

Trevor Talbot wrote:
> On May 7, 2009, at 1:20 AM, Kieron Thwaites wrote:
>> OK, disregard that, it was just me being confused by Dionisios K. 
>> sending very similar mails, and since my initial new mail 
>> notifications show only the first few lines of the mail, I thought 
>> them to be duplicates, especially given the mailman change. False 
>> alarm, then.
> Note the sent date on them; they're days old. The list was broken for a 
> little while :)
> -- Quension

Yeah, blame me on that one.  I'm in the process of attempting to move 
all the mailing list data from the old install to the new one.  It's a 
patchwork of symlinks in /var/lib/mailman to the old installation's 
directory as well as to the site's.

Archives were also briefly broken.  I had a bunch of links in the old 
install directory, along with another patchwork of links pointing to the 
site directory which had the actual archives in them.  That one just 
needed me to fix up Apache's config so it points to the actual archives.

I was trying to clean up the old install directory so I can be rid of 
the old program.  However, you can't keep an old installation down, 
apparently...  I'm not a huge fan of Mailman and am becoming less of one 
with every passing minute I work on it.

Again, thanks for bearing with me.


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