NOTE: This is an archived copy of the Dragonfire Internet Services website. Dragonfire is no longer in operation; please do not attempt to contact any of the addresses listed on this site.

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Dragonfire's Services

Note: All prices below are given in United States dollars.

Standard Web/FTP accounts

Dragonfire's primary service is providing web/FTP hosting and storage accounts. A standard Dragonfire account includes:

The price for a standard account is $80 per year; service may also be purchased at $25 per quarter (three months). There is no setup fee.

Note: If you exceed the 200MB/day limit, you will be charged at the appropriate higher rate, as listed in our price list. See the relevant question in our FAQ for detailed information.

Full domain accounts

Full domain accounts provide you with not only a hostname on Dragonfire, but a domain name of your own choice, giving you URLs like and (Note that Dragonfire can serve any domain name, not just .com.) The price for this service is $80 per year, with a $25 setup fee; services may alsp be purchased at $25 per quarter. If you exceed the 200MB/day bandwidth limit, then, as with standard accounts, you will be charged extra according to your bandwidth use.

If you plan to purchase a full domain account, please see our information on domains before sending your account request.

Disk space and bandwidth

If the standard limits of 25MB of disk space and 200MB/day of bandwidth are too small for your needs, you can increase them. Disk space is available in increments of 5MB for a one-time fee of $5 per 5MB (that is, you need only pay once ever for the disk space--this is not a yearly or monthly fee).

If you need additional bandwidth, your yearly (or quarterly) fee will be increased. See our price list for a list of fees for higher bandwidth levels.


In addition to standard web/FTP storage accounts, we also provide E-mailboxes. For a US$15 setup fee (with no further charges), you can have an E-mail address of the form, and you can retrieve your E-mail from Dragonfire using any POP-capable E-mail client. (Due to security concerns, IMAP access is not available at the moment.) E-mailboxes are by default limited to 10 megabytes of incoming mail.

The price for an E-mailbox is a one-time $15 setup fee; there are no periodic charges for E-mailboxes.

Andy Church
Last update: 1 October 1998