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I am a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science with considerable expertise in software and system engineering. I primarily use and develop for the Linux operating system using the C programming language, though I have extensive experience with other environments and languages. I have independently developed hundreds of diverse programs for personal and professional use, totaling over 500,000 lines of code, and my systems operation experience includes management and emergency response for user-facing systems at Google Inc. as well as the establishment and operation of an independent Web service provider.

Additionally, I am highly proficient in the Japanese language. I have passed level 1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, and I can speak with near-native fluency in both daily conversation and technical discussions, as well as translate accurately between the two languages. The twenty-plus years I have spent in Japan have also given me an in-depth grasp of Japanese society and culture.


Computing environments:

Programming languages:


Member, Association of Computing Machinery


Independent software development

I have developed a number of programs for individual clients or for the community at large; I also spend much of my personal time pursuing software development, to hone my skills or experiment in new fields. Some of my significant independent projects include:

I have also contributed to a number of distributed open-source projects, such as Transcode (a tool for transcoding video and audio streams; see https://bitbucket.org/achurch_/transcode), and I frequently publish small changes or improvements to open-source software (see http://achurch.org/patch-pile/).

Google Inc. (January 2011 - February 2013)

Employed in the Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) group at the Tokyo office, handling both incident response and stability/performance improvement for multiple user-facing and internal services. I also spearheaded several improvements to automated monitoring systems, including a tool to significantly reduce overhead in monitoring configurations. My work was consistently rated highly, and I received several peer commendations for efforts both within my group and in helping other groups.

8-4, Ltd. (December 2006 - October 2009)

Employed for video game localization and internal software development. I was involved in the localization of several game titles, including:

I also proposed and developed a Web-based project/content management system tailored to the specific needs of video game localization, greatly increasing productivity across all of the company's projects; as of 2019, that system reportedly still forms the backbone of the company's project management.

Elpis Corporation (April 2004 - October 2006)

Employed for software research and development. Projects included:

NTT Comware Corporation (May 1999 - January 2004)

Employed for software research and development. Projects included:

Dragonfire Internet Services, owner and system administrator (December 1994 - February 1999)

Dragonfire Internet Services was a Web provider (provider of Web site storage and access services, but not dialup services) which I started on a free basis and later took commercial. Dragonfire's user base reached approximately 5,000 users at its peak. See http://achurch.org/dragonfire-retrospective/ for more information.

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