[IRCServices Coding] Exceptions

Finny Merrill griever at t2n.org
Sat Feb 2 10:19:26 PST 2002

On Sun, 3 Feb 2002, Andrew Church wrote:

> >Why can't you use user at host masks in exceptions? This would be helpful for 
> >things like limiting the number of connections from a host not running 
> >ident.
>      I assume that "not" is extraneous, but seeing as how 99.9% of hosts
> don't run ident (or at least a _useful_ ident), and supporting it would
> just make exception lists longer and exception processing take more time, I
> don't see the point.

The reason I request this is because of a recent attack on one of the 
networks I operate. We had > 50 clones from 15 different proxies. If we 
could have set a 1 limit for ~*@*, they would have been killed off very
quickly. As it was, the proxy scanner couldn't kill them off fast enough
and the whole net was down for almost an hour until the auto-zlines kicked 
>   --Andrew Church
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