[IRCServices Coding] NickServ Register then /identify

Ben Goldstein beng at nc.rr.com
Fri Feb 15 15:27:56 PST 2002

After REGISTERing a nick, NickServ should see you as fully identified. Since
REGISTER doesn't call set_identified() to update stuff, and lets you change
your nick before updating last-seen times (like it should), do_register()
should have a ni->id_stamp = u->servicestamp; and not wait for the first
/identify.  As you see below, you still have to identify even after
registering to get fully-authenticated.

There could be other consequences to this delayed-stamping- like new memo
notices not going to identified users using other nicks, although I havn't
tested anything related to that..  I know, its sort of a nitpick :P

[17:58:11] -> *nickserv* register password beng at nc.rr.com
[17:58:11] #NickServ!services at example.net# Nickname beng1 has been
registered to you.
[17:58:11] #NickServ!services at example.net# Your password is password --
remember this for later use.
[17:58:18] *** Your nick is now beng2
[17:58:22] *** Your nick is now beng1
[17:58:22] #NickServ!services at example.net# This nickname is registered and
protected. If it is your nick, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY
password. Otherwise, please choose a different nick.
[17:58:23] -> *Nickserv* status beng1
[17:58:23] #NickServ!services at example.net# STATUS beng1 1
[17:58:29] -> *nickserv* identify password
[17:58:29] #NickServ!services at example.net# Password accepted -- you are now
[17:58:33] *** Your nick is now beng2
[17:58:35] *** Your nick is now beng1
[17:58:38] -> *Nickserv* status beng1
[17:58:38] #NickServ!services at example.net# STATUS beng1 3

-- Ben Goldstein (beng at nc.rr.com)