[IRCServices Coding] ircservices5.0a28 various

Ben Goldstein beng at nc.rr.com
Wed Apr 10 15:58:51 PDT 2002

[Apr 10 18:39:18 2002] IRC Services 5.0a28 starting up
[Apr 10 18:39:20 2002] modules.conf:384: Unknown directive

I don't know if this just isn't being mentioned on the list or what..
changed to SessionLimitAutokill, it works.

[Apr 10 18:49:30 2002] protocol/bahamut: WARNING: missing IP address for new
nick Irch
This happens when you use bahamut's oper hostmasking.  I guess bahamut
doesn't send the IP when connecting with a masked host.

Also, should non-AUTH'd nicks be set kill enforced?  This setting gets
applied to new nicks if specified in the config.  Shouldn't the default
settings be applied after the nick is fully registered?

[Apr 10 18:54:04 2002] mail/smtp: Connection to server broken for socket
smtp still doesn't work for FreeBSD. I guess.  I havn't had time to dig into
this one.

And finally.. a switch to turn of the annoying /ns(cs,ms,os) HELP COMMANDS
would be nice.  There was nothing wrong with /ns HELP.  I expect all the
people who issue a help follow it up with a help commands anyways.

-- Ben Goldstein (beng at nc.rr.com)
FreeBSD raider 4.4-20010827-RC2 FreeBSD 4.4-20010827-RC2 #4: Fri Nov 16
14:57:04 EST 2001     root at raider:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/BG1  i386
bahamut-1.4(29). irc.bstu.dhs.org CDHiIY TS3ow-r[RELEASE]
ircservices-5.0a28 services.bstu.dhs.org build #2, compiled Wed Apr 10
18:20:25 EDT 2002