AW: [IRCServices Coding] ircservices5.0a28 various

Andrew Church achurch at
Fri Apr 12 11:13:50 PDT 2002

>> >[Apr 10 18:49:30 2002] protocol/bahamut: WARNING: missing IP address
>> >for new nick Irch This happens when you use bahamut's oper
>> hostmasking.
>> >I guess bahamut doesn't send the IP when connecting with a
>> masked host.
>>      What is oper hostmasking, anyway?
>It is the way Bahamut uses to fake ircop hostnames via the #define
>The function bahamut uses for this feature removes the sptr->ip and
>replaces sptr->hostip with leading to a 0 in the NICK line. This
>is by design. That log warning can be ignored, I believe.

     That may be about the only thing to do; I'll put a note somewhere.

>Services should even not set users +r when identifying to a non
>authenticated nickname, to prevent clone attacks to +R channels or
>flooding +R users, by simply registered and identifying.

     You can't identify to a non-authed nickname in the first place, so
this is a non-issue.

  --Andrew Church
    achurch at