[IRCServices Coding] Remote Commands

projectdead at UTChat.com projectdead at UTChat.com
Tue May 14 18:29:18 PDT 2002

Hi, this is IRC.MAPOP.COM ppl again, we were wondering if it is 
possible, or is going to be possible in the future to add remote 
commands such as !halfdeop, !op (said in the channel) and so fourth in 
instead of /ms /cs /os or using /msg ***serv blah blah blah..., if so it 
would be a big help when someone needs help fast and also much easier 
for the users to use.. and less typing.....

Also, we have another question... could you incorperate Un-limited 
Channel registration capabilities for Service ADMINS and Service 
OPERATORS.. with the ability of specifying the USERNICK Of the owner 
(NICK Must be reg'd) and the password etc.. WITHOUT anyone being opped 
in the channel to be registered (This is only if you are an operator or 

Well thats it! 
ty for all the help....