[IRCServices Coding] Feature request

Ran ran at fistuk.com
Mon Jul 22 13:30:58 PDT 2002

i found that my ircd send the same NICK string
it just after NICK
:server address VS nick :virtual-host

what should i add to bahamut.c in order to services support it?

Thanks a lot for the further helper:)

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> > excactly and i want to know what i need to change in the bahamut.c to
> > it work.
> Copying the whole of m_nick() in unreal.c to m_nick() in your new protocol
> module should suffice, although if your ircd uses less than 10 parameters
> to the NICK message, it will need some fairly trivial modifications.
> do_send_nick may also need tweaking to be fully compliant with the
> I haven't tested this; there may be other things that need tweaking, but
> they're probably pretty explanatory.
> Russ Garrett
> russ at garrett.co.uk
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