[IRCServices Coding] Chanserv Access

Aragon Gouveia aragon at phat.za.net
Mon Aug 19 05:07:31 PDT 2002

Personally I prefer using levels, but can imagine others prefering the aop,
vop, etc. commands. We run 4.5 and it supports both. Can't see how that's
a problem?

| By Jim Stratus <stratus at swcempire.com>
|                                          [ 2002-08-19 05:14 +0200 ]
> Hello,
> I was wondering why you guys use access levels. All of my users hate the access levels except like 1% of them. The other 99% prefer the standard avoice, aop, sop, cfounder and founder access levels. I personally do so as well. Is it possible to release two versions of ircservices, one with one type of chanserv access and the other with the other, or once its done?
> Jim Stratus
> SWCIC IRC Network