[IRCServices Coding] Could you help me on this command?

Craig McLure frostycoolslug at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 29 04:56:24 PDT 2002

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As far as i am concerned, i cant see the point in any of these features.. if 
some1 would like to identify as another nickname, then they should change to 
that nickname. As for "locking" nicknames, services is unable to do this, as 
services will pick up the change *AFTER* the nickname is changed by the 
IRCd, and it cant force it to stay the same, all it can do is revert the 
nickname back.

>From: "pmquan.de" <admin at pmquan.de>
>Reply-To: ircservices-coding at ircservices.za.net
>To: <ircservices-coding at ircservices.za.net>
>Subject: [IRCServices Coding] Could you help me on this command?
>Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 13:59:46 +0700
>I'm configuring my IRC server and getting a trouble with the IDENTIFY 
>What I need is when a user types in the command
>/msg nickserv IDENTIFY password nickname
>If the password he/she provides is a password of a nick recorded in the 
>/msg nickserv IDENTIFY password nickname
>The user will be forced to use that nick insteads of using the nickname 
>he/she want to use.
>I think this command is good to lock nickname of certain user as channel 
>operator, bot nicknames ....
>Please show me, if you can do that.
>Thank you,
>Pham Mai Quan

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