[IRCServices Coding] suspend option

Craig McLure frostycoolslug at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 1 10:28:42 PDT 2002

as far as i know, this has been fixed in version 5

>From: Yaniv Gamzo <Yaniv at icq.com>
>Reply-To: ircservices-coding at ircservices.za.net
>To: "Ircservices-Coding (E-mail)" <ircservices-coding at ircservices.za.net>
>Subject: [IRCServices Coding] suspend option
>Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 17:30:18 +0200
>just wanted to say i've found the suspend (both channels and nicks)
>option on ircservices 4.5.42 dangerous.
>any1 can keep trying identify to nicks and channels and make them suspended
>many of my net's biggest channels got suspended and i had 2 unlock them
>i had no other way of eliminating this but remove this suspend option
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