[IRCServices Coding] Guest nick

Dylan v.d Merwe dylanvdm at icon.co.za
Tue Oct 1 17:22:05 PDT 2002

In my point of view I find it stupid to want to change the amount of digits
after Guest. It's there for a reason as a coder may tell you later. Why in
the world would you want to change it anyway? The only one who will probably
notice is you, plus networks which use ircservices are accustomed to this.

Besides, if you have an extremely large network you will need a large number
of digits so that you don't "run out".

I think it looks fine :-)


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> My opers were commenting on how long the numeric is following "Guest" when
> user is guested... in the old days it was just 5 digits, but i note it's a
> lot more than that now.. makes it tricky to pm people with all them
> too.
> Any chance of one or both of two possible things happening?
> 1. Can the numeric length be made an option in the conf?  (like
> GuestNumericLength  5  to make it 5 digits or something)
> 2. Can someone tell me where I might find this in the source code to
> it myself?
> Obviously option 1 would be handier, but I'll settle for option 2... Of
> course, I know it's kinda petty, and I'll understand also if nobody wants
> bother with either solution hehe...
> Anyone know why it IS suddenly so many more digits now?
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