[IRCServices Coding] channel suspensions

prince prince at zirc.org
Wed Oct 2 14:19:21 PDT 2002

When somebody sends an incorrect password to a channel repeatedly, services will kill them, and if they keep persisting, it suspends the channel (or nickname).  Some of my more jerkoff users are having some fun with this, causing our larger channels to become suspended which ultimately denies use to any of the users.  I'm running version 4.5.43 - is there any way to disable this or set the number of times you can send the password before it automatically suspends the channel?  I've looked all through the conf for an option to define/undefine this, but I have yet to find one.  If there is no option, could I suggest possibly implementing a way to turn that on or off and or being able to set the number of times you can send an incorrect password?  This is causing us a lot of grief since only a services administrator can unsuspend channels.  Thanks. :)

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