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Craig Edwards brain at brainbox.winbot.co.uk
Fri Oct 25 17:29:13 PDT 2002

I would like to make a minor correction here: Unreal does not insert bold/underline characters into /lusers - nor in fact any "standard" (or as near to standard as you can get for such a breaker of standards) command. If you see such an ircd it has been modded zealously by some admin who probably thinks that the only irc client is mirc ;)
Also slightly off topic but valid, the important factor about an irc network isnt the number of users it has but how happy its users are - if the users are happier with +a and +h modes etc to help prevent takeovers, then it is good, i'd rather be on a small (200 users?) network of nice peaceful users any day than a large (10,000 users?) network full of takeovers and abuse due to minimal functionality of the software. Admittedly on some networks this is more down to the admin, but a large feature set does allow for making the job of operators, helpers and admins easier, as it reduces the amount of time spent helping users recover lost channels for example. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions of course, but that was my two pence worth and now im quite a bit off topic, so i'll shut up :) Have a nice day!

Craig Edwards (Brain`)

>I will have to interfere here.
>UltimateIRCD is crap. no offence. It is CRAP. I'll give you an example why.
>try doing a /lusers request. You will get BOLD in certain areas, and
>underlined text, etc. Many IRC Clients (old ones especially) do not support
>colour, bold, underlined, inversed, etc text formats.
>UnrealIRCD and UltimateIRCD both have too many usermodes. such as *, , etc.
>in clients such as mIRC, if you do a /whois on a user with one of those
>usermodes, you can't simply go over the channel name with your cursor and
>double-click it, because mIRC was not designed for such "addons".
>UnrealIRCD has changed so many things, that half the services in the world
>do not work correctly with the newer versions, such as the Selene versions.
>Have you ever tried installing BOPM (blitzed open proxy monitor) on an
>Unreal IRCD server - it's mission impossible, all those patches?
>Yes, the coders have worked extra hard to get these extra un-necessary
>addons into the ircds, but think of it this way, how many IRCDs are there,
>and how many CLIENTS are there? The client coders have to do research on the
>IRCDs and then edit the clients to suite them. This is un-necessary, in my
>opinion. But like you said, Dylan, each to his own. So those of you enjoying
>your 200 users on that little UnrealIRCD slow network(s), keep going - I
>wish you many netsplits in the near future ;)
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>> Going back to the Unreal ircd issue. I personally think everybody looks
>> different things to suit their own networks. I prefer Unreal over Bahamut
>> for example because it has more features, yet Bahamut is known to be very
>> good with large amounts of users. In my humble opinion the three main
>> are very good for different situations and needs. Unreal is a very good
>> and has many unique features and suits my network.
>> Unreal, Bahamut and Ultimate ircds are each good in their own right, and
>> there is a problem then why not discuss it on the coders mailing list? I'm
>> not looking to be hammered by other people, as discussed  while back in
>> other topics, I'm just sharing my opinion. The coders have taken a great
>> deal of time and effort to develop something for us to use. It's the same
>> services. Other packages are around but we choose ircservices because they
>> suit us. Others may not think so.
>> I congratulate each and every coder that makes something for us because I
>> appreciate their effort. The Unreal, Bahamut and Ultimate coders (and
>> others) plus Andrew and other services coders deserve an applause for
>> all they have done for us. Without them our networks wouldn't be the same.
>> So instead of us giving criticism, lets help make them better by giving
>> constructive comments. Everyone appreciates a pat on the back once in a
>> while.
>> :-)
>> Dylan.
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>> > are you suggesting a self respecting 3000+ user network would use unreal
>> as
>> > an ircd?
>> >
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