[IRCServices Coding] operserv / akill

Andrew Church achurch at achurch.org
Thu Nov 7 21:37:29 PST 2002


  --Andrew Church
    achurch at achurch.org

>	I am using IRCServices version 5.0.2 (not on production network 
>yet) with bahamut-1.4.30.  I have the bahamut and akill modules loaded, 
>and the ImmediatelySendAutokill option UNcommented in modules.conf.  
>	I too observed the situation where an Akill is added, but the 
>user(s) are not immediately /kill'd off the network.  If I then make the 
>client /disconnect then reconnect, he IS /killed, with the appropriate 
>AKill reason.  
>	I decided to comment out EnableExclude in modules.conf 
>(recommended in an earlier post I saw for a related subject), and that 
>seemed to do the trick (though not being able to use Excludes is still 
>considered an issue).
>	I reproduced the situation (with Excludes enabled) with 1 linked 
>server and only 2 network users (for a smaller log file), and would be 
>happy to submit it privately, unless there is something else I'm missing 
>that would solve this ?
>On Thu, 24 Oct 2002, Andrew Church wrote:
>> >Does OperServ no longer autokill users off the network when a akill is =
>> >placed or must we manually /kill the user off initially?  I just =
>> >upgraded to 5.0.1 and I looked through the .conf's throughly but perhaps =
>> >I could have missed an option that enables that?  Any help would be =
>> >appreciated.
>>      Services has never done this.  On the other hand, your IRC server may
>> kill users matching an AKILL/GLINE when Services sends it; the
>> ImmediatelySendAutokill option mentioned in the other reply will cause the
>> AKILL/GLINE to be sent when you add it, rather than waiting for a user to
>> match it.
>>   --Andrew Church
>>     achurch at achurch.org
>>     http://achurch.org/
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