[IRCServices Coding] Coding Modules HOWTO:

Colin Thorpe(SCF) ghozer at scfclan.com
Sun Nov 24 09:06:20 PST 2002

Not that it Meens anything, but I have Scripted a mIRC script, that links as
a server, TO Unreal...

I also have Pseudo clients through this, I can therfore help in
syntax/creation of pseudo clients, for unreal...

drop me a personal e-mail and ill be happy to help

Clan{SCF} Founder / Leader
Sacrificial ~n~ Cold Fear
Fear, is not knowing. Terror, is finding out.
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> I'd like to point out quite gently though for all aspiring module coders
out there, a fair bit of 'RTFS' is still needed if you want to use some of
the more advanced features such as checking a users oper flags etc ;) I read
the manual over and over yet some parts of the API still eluded me my
questions didnt become answered until i'd digested most of
operserv/main.c... this is expected usually ;)
> > as far as the API goes, it's already documented in section 6 of the
> >manual, in case you missed it.
> >
> >  --Andrew Church
> >    achurch at achurch.org
> >    http://achurch.org/
> >
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