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Thomas J. Stensås ShadowMaster at Shadow-Realm.org
Thu Dec 19 10:47:57 PST 2002

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On Thursday 19 December 2002 19:21, Craig Edwards wrote:
> MySQL databases arent really a good idea for an ircservices server on a
> large network - imagine the number of constant queries involved, it would
> be a much busier situation than many large websites, you would have to make
> a query for practically every RAW irc line from your uplink, e.g. for
> checking access, etc. If not for every RAW line, but for every MODE, JOIN,
> and PRIVMSG to a pseudoclient, and every connect, NICK, etc... Not to
> mention that MySQL's transaction support isnt that good (MySQL's one and
> only downfall) which would mean maybe a database such as PostgreSQL may
> work much better in this case. I have my doubts about performance though.
> Would connections to the database be persistent? Im not sure about the low
> level workings of DBMS systems but for this kind of application the
> connection would not need to be closed after each query, the slowdowns
> would be unbelievably slow.

If i dont recall to incorrectly, DALnet's services are MySQL based.
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