[IRCServices Coding] Snoop How-To?

Craig Edwards brain at brainbox.winbot.co.uk
Wed Jan 15 09:59:32 PST 2003

IRCServices doesnt yet seem to log a lot of the user commands. It would be really good if there was a mask in the config file to tell it to log user commands such as /cs access modifications etc. At present as far as ive noticed it only shows identify and invalid password etc, the kind of stuff you'd see in globops messages from services.*. wasnt there a discussion on this feature before and possibility of implementing it? I would certainly use a feature that could log user access changes to channels, to resolve issues and disputes.

>Heh, it's soo easy to do, but i dont see the point of that, just log it to
>file, and check if someone abuse <period>
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>> Can someone please help me to create a snoop module in IRC services or
>hack the nick/chan/oper servers so it send all commands in a channel?
>> please?
>> I really need this! :)
>> Thanksss!!!
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