[IRCServices Coding] clear channel modes

John Edrington john at cosmicfire.net
Mon Feb 10 16:47:18 PST 2003

I don't know if this topic has been discussed, so please pardon me if it has.

My observation is that when a clear channel modes command is issued, either via chanserv or operserv, chanserv will automatically reset the channel modes to whatever the mlock is set to. (See below)

Certainly, I can see the reasoning behind chanserv prohibiting a non-ircop from effectively disabling the mlocks. Conversely, I feel that if an ircop has to issue the clearmodes command, perhaps the ircop needs to evade the modes that are set by chanserv mlock.

I purpose that, if possible, when operserv clearmodes is used, services does not enforce the mlock, perhaps for a certain amount of time, until someone changes the channel modes, or some other determining factor.


[msg(chanserv)] clear #bopm modes
∙φ∙ mode/#bopm [-sO] by ChanServ
∙φ∙ mode/#bopm [+sO] by ChanServ
-ChanServ(services at abc.net)- All modes on channel #bopm have been reset. [msg(operserv)] clearmodes #bopm 
∙φ∙ mode/#bopm [-sO] by OperServ 
∙φ∙ mode/#bopm [+sO] by ChanServ
-OperServ(services at abc.net)- Binary modes, bans, and exceptions cleared from 	channel #bopm.

Comments anyone?

John Edrington
john at cosmicfire.net