[IRCServices Coding] Connection Protocols..

Craig McLure Craig at chatspike.net
Wed Feb 19 01:52:17 PST 2003

After a lot of discussion amongst our coders and supporters, the InspIRCd project has decided to use "Redundant Linking" (aka, Dynamic routing (http://www.inspircd.org/forum/index.php?act=ST&f=13&t=9&s=70a4cc18402781a33b2b5c238acfc558)) via the UDP port type as our main server -> server connection, reasons at previous URL.

Our main problem, is looking through the protocol modules, there is no way to specify the type of port used, have we over looked anything, if not, would it be somehow possible to move how services connects to a server to the protocol files, or possibly a way to override the default?

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