[IRCServices Coding] can services change user ident on connect ?

Jack Neils waterflamez at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 1 17:15:06 PST 2003

Hi, i've been trying to modify ircservices 5.0.12 to make my irc network 
more secure.

i'm using UnrealIRCD (3.2beta14), and i wanted the services to do this:

when a user connects, there are commands passed between the server, the 
services, and the client, right?
and services can say that something has to change, right?

so, instead of having the user connect with his real ident and host,
i'd like for services (either directly, or through UnrealIRCD's chgident and 
chghost) to change the ident and host into something else.

but i'm new at this, and though i understand the basics,
i really can't figure where i have to put what.

anyone that can help?

Thx in advance,

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