[IRCServices Coding] JUPE and bahamut-1.4(35)

George Stamatiou master at xchat.gr
Sat Mar 8 04:39:35 PST 2003

I found another possible bug.
When i do /os squit server  and the server is active, then services crashes.
I have to do squit and after to use the jupe command.
-chat.xchat.gr- *** Global -- from OperServ: Juping matrix.voxnet.gr by request of KillServ.
-chat.xchat.gr- *** Routing -- from chat.xchat.gr: Link services.xchat.gr[(+)something at]
cancelled, server matrix.voxnet.gr already exists
-chat.xchat.gr- *** Notice -- services.xchat.gr was connected for 5 seconds.  24/62 sendK/recvK.

I don't know if it is another problem with bahamut 1.4(35), but it happens only with version
of bahamut and not bahamut-1.4(35)


George Stamatiou
master at xchat.gr