[IRCServices Coding] session limit bug

Trevor Talbot quension at mac.com
Sun Mar 23 21:03:13 PST 2003

On Sunday, Mar 23, 2003, at 20:41 US/Pacific, prince wrote:

> Well, I hate to break it to you...but OS help mentions *nothing* of 
> this,
> and when I read the fine manual, or fucking manual, however you want 
> to put
> it, it also said nothing of this.  So I felt like I should report it.  
> If

It says, "This command has a very limited range of uses, and can wreak
havoc on a network or cause Services to crash if used improperly.  DO 
USE THIS COMMAND unless you are absolutely certain you know what you are

The reason why you are experiencing the issue you are is related to the
ircd's handling of SVSKILL.  ircservices does not do any processing on
the operserv raw command itself; it simply sends it to its uplink 
Therefore, if the ircd does not tell services that the user is gone,
services never knows.

To put it bluntly, you do not know what you are doing.

> you have a problem with such "lame emails" or "lame comments" about
> IRCServices, perhaps you should remove yourself from the mailing list 
> or
> stop replying with comments such as yours? heh.

That is not my problem.  I replied bluntly and simply because this issue
has been answered several times before.  Mailing list archives exist and
are searchable.

Even if not understanding the manual/help text completely, a bit of
effort on your part could have avoided this entire email exchange.

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> From: "Trevor Talbot" <quension at mac.com>
>> On Sunday, Mar 23, 2003, at 20:13 US/Pacific, prince wrote:
>>> I've found a bug.  Hoooray!
>> No, you haven't.
>>> When you use /msg OperServ raw svskill nickname :reason
>> RTFM, or hell, even just /msg operserv help raw.

-- Quension