[IRCServices Coding] session limit bug

Andrew Church achurch at achurch.org
Mon Mar 24 14:50:35 PST 2003


  --Andrew Church
    achurch at achurch.org

>Well, I hate to break it to you...but OS help mentions *nothing* of this,
>and when I read the fine manual, or fucking manual, however you want to put
>it, it also said nothing of this.  So I felt like I should report it.  If
>you have a problem with such "lame emails" or "lame comments" about
>IRCServices, perhaps you should remove yourself from the mailing list or
>stop replying with comments such as yours? heh.
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>> On Sunday, Mar 23, 2003, at 20:13 US/Pacific, prince wrote:
>> > I've found a bug.  Hoooray!
>> No, you haven't.
>> > When you use /msg OperServ raw svskill nickname :reason
>> RTFM, or hell, even just /msg operserv help raw.
>> -- Quension
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