AW: [IRCServices Coding] session limit bug

Georges Berscheid georges at
Mon Mar 24 10:22:30 PST 2003


the requested command exists: /os restart
How do you think services could possibly make the uplink send all the
information again, as if services just joined the network? This
'simulated-net-merge-situation' would have to be supported by the


P.S. The original problem is not a services issue anyway...

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I know people will probably ignore or shoot down this request but, here

Is there a way to keep services in sync if its desynced, by resyncing it
at fixed intervals? This would not only fix problems caused by (ab)use
of operserv raw, but would also fix problems caused in other ways (ive
had a couple of desyncs before caused by buggy server software etc) - it
could be set from config to say resync once every 24h or once every week
or whenever the admin prefers, by simulating a form of "warm reboot"
where it could somehow retrieve all network information again from the
uplink and redo its lists from scratch, kinda like a rehash.... or maybe
do this on /os rehash if a commandline option is given? Just an idea...

>I've found a bug.  Hoooray!  
>When you use /msg OperServ raw svskill nickname :reason
>It kills the user with whatever reason -- however, when you use /msg
OperServ session limit <number> 
>it lists the person there as using multiple sessions as the number.
For example, if I use OperServ to SVSKILL a nickname by the nick of X
with the hostname three times, and I try to get a list of
people using 3 sessions at once via (/msg OperServ session list 3), it
will list that hostname is using 3 sessions.
>Can this be fixed? 
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